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You can Download a Copy of our Roller Hockey Program Flyer Below


This league is for anyone interested in the thrill of playing a fast moving, physically taxing and mentally challenging game just for the fun of getting out there and doing it. We focus our attention on providing league members with a great skating experience while fostering team spirit. Team standings will be maintained and trophies / medals awarded.

The Ten Week Season Consists of:

    WEEK 1: Organization, player evaluation, team selection, scrimmage

    WEEK 2: thru 8: Games (Week 2 game exhibition, week 3 to 8 count for league standings)

    WEEK 9: Playoffs

    WEEK 10: Championships.

    Please note that hockey ball will be used.

Age groups and playing times: Roller hockey is open to boys and girls.

JR. VARSITY: 12 years and under: 2-20 min. periods,on Sundays between 6:30 - 8:30pm


Jr. Varsity eligibility is not solely based on age. Ability and stature will also be determinate factors decided upon by the coaches and Hockey Director. Sunday is the base day from which games will be scheduled. In an effort to maintain competitive teams for each season, we cannot guarantee that each player will be drafted to the same team on which he/she played during the previous season.

Payment can be made using:


JR. VARSITY: $125.00ea.

GOALIE is Free ( 1st 4 sign up with previous experience).

ADDITIONAL SIBLINGS: Take $5.00 off for each additional sibling

Protective equipment: Each player MUST have a hockey helmet, face protection (Wire Cage - optional over the age 18, but strongly recommended), mouthpiece, elbow pads, hockey gloves, cup (males), knee/shin pads, Hockey sticks must have butt-end protection. All protective hockey equipment can be ordered conveniently through our Pro-Shop. Rental equipment is not available at the rink. Each player MUST ALSO have a YOUNG'S ROLLING THUNDER TEAM JERSEY. Team Jerseys will be provided by the rink. Additional terms and conditions may apply. See Hockey Director for more details.

Parent participation is an absolute necessity...

COACHES, TIME KEEPERS, SCORE-KEEPERS AND REFEREES, WILL BE NEEDED. The success of any youth sports organization depends on the participation of the parents.

You can Download a Copy of our Roller Hockey Program Flyer Below

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